Welcome to the Pediatric PM&R Place!

The UAMS/ACH Pediatric PM&R Lecture Series

As Given Semi-Annually, With Love, by the Developmental-Pediatric PM&R Faculty to the Best PM&R Residents in the World!!

Objectives: After attending and participating in this series, you will be able to...

  1. explain the influence of growth and development on disability and how it makes pediatric rehabilitation different from adult rehabilitation.
  2. take the necessary steps to diagnose major categories of pediatric disabling conditions.
  3. apply your knowledge of accessibility and educational laws in the U.S.A. to facilitate integration of our patients into their school systems.
  4. plan the management of common pediatric disabling conditions.
  5. recognize the less common pediatric disabling conditions when you encounter them in clinic.
  6. get at least 15 more Board questions right!



See the SCI Rehab PowerPoint show by Tom Kiser, M.D.

Here is the Pediatric LE Orthopedics lecture by Esther Tompkins, D.O.

Get the Developmental Orthopedics Corel show by Vikki Stefans, M.D.

Get the CP or Not CP Corel show by Vikki Stefans, M.D.

Get Pam Brown, M.D.'s wheelchair lecture.

Get Vikki Stefans, M.D.'s updated version.

Get the Developmental, ADL, and Communication slideshow by Vikki Stefans, M.D.

Updated DevelADLComm version, though not by much

This is the most recent on developmental mobility equipment

This is the most recent on ADL and communication as a separate show.

Get the most recently updated Peds TBI Corel show by Vikki Stefans, M.D.

The neuromuscular disease slide show by Dr. Stefans.

A really good neuromuscular disease Powerpoint entitled "Beyond Duchenne's" by Ann Bubenzer, M.D. (The last picture is of her sister who has an undiagnosed neuromuscular condition.)

Get the Rehab and Radiology slideshow also by Dr. Stefans.

View the brief MS Powerpoint show by Dr. Stefans on Disability Law.

This is a Research Ethics lecture, also as MS Powerpoint, just given by Dr. Stefans because they couldn't find anyone else in town that week. (St. Valentine's Day, 2012)

Notes: Some of these shows are MS Powerpoint, and some are Corel Presentations. The Powerpoints will open in a new window, just maximize it and then close it with the "X" in the upper right hand corner when you are done. The Corel shows require you download (save to disk) these two files first, POOLE70.DLL , and show70.exe. Then download the actual show files (.shw) to the same directory. It can be your My Documents directory, your Desktop, or any other directory you like. (If you put all the Corel files in that same directory, you won't have to get the two "runtime" files ever again.) Click the Open Folder button or navigate to that folder, then double click show.exe (the one with the cute little projector icon) and then you can choose which presentation you want to view; click OK to run if needed, and ignore or cancel it if it asks you to put a disc in drive E: or anything else that seems strange. Dr. Stefans will provide technical support and explanation of why the Corel product is far superior to the Microsoft one upon request.

Other Stuff (Supplemental Materials):

Here is the page for the Rehabilitation and Radiology series from, ummm, several years ago...hey, its embarrassing how long this page goes between updates, OK?

Here are some materials used for the Rehabilitation Technology Series.

The dysphagia talk for the HDC telemedicine conference by Vikki Stefans, M.D. is also available here, for those of you who would like some "Historical Persepctive".

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