Rehabilitation Technology Discussion Questions

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  1. While inquiring about transition issues, you find out that a 17 year old female with L2 spina bifida, not ambulatory, has never been left alone at home, does not drive, and has never independently used public transportation.

    What might be going on with this?

    What can you suggest?

  2. A young man with central cord syndrome is ambulatory but lacks upper arm function to feed, dress, or groom himself. Family rejects the Winsford feeder and balanced forearm orthosis as options because they require him to be stationary and use a chair or wheelchair.

    Do you have any ideas for a method or piece of equipment that might help him to be more independent?

    What was your strategy to get some ideas?

  3. A kindergartener with aphonia due to complicated tracheostomy who is thought to be cognitively normal is very resistant to the use of a communication board designed by the teacher, and persists in pointing or nodding isntead. The board includes symbols and words for yes, no, the crafts center, and outdoors, which the teacher thought were important choices and preferences.

    What might the problem be?

    What do you suggest?

  4. Journal Club Question: You are seeing a 16 month old girl with SMA, having zero SMN1 and two SMN2 copies genetically but currently sitting independently. Her parents want to get her a power chair for her first mobility device and ask you to write the prescription and a letter. They also want to know how important it is to get her weightbearing in a stander.

Some Pictures

don't write a prescription like this!

Nexus cushion - back part only is low Roho

Stimulite with cover

Stimulite cross-section

Jay seat cushion showing inner support Jay seat cushion, cover pulled back

Balanced Forearm Orthosis


Overhead mounted arm support

Stable Slide table mounted arm support

gunslinger orthosis for pt with BPP subluxation without orthosis

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