Six Patients for Seating Clinic Today!

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"He's sliding out of his chair all the time...should we add an abductor pommel? "

young man slumped in chair, posterior pelvic tilt

He looks comfortable to his orthopedic what's the problem?
OK, maybe he needs a head strap...

badly positioned child with CP in old Orthokinetic

"Do you think she's going to outgrow her Snug Seat? Do we need a new one?"

girl sitting up in Snug Seat 1

"I think we need some foot straps to hold his feet down."

boy in sall chair, legs extended, posterior tilted.

The therapist is asking if he needs more supportive seating, and thinks maybe a standard power chair would be better for him than that scooter.

boy with foot deformities perched in his scooter

No complaints today, just here for a regular check-up.

boy with legs frogged out in outgrown 

Appropriate Technology?? (Or just cheap?)

plastic chair mounted on bike tires

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